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Our Programs

We seek out
partnerships and opportunities to support sister organizations with complementary
missions, allowing us to reintroduce ourselves to the local nonprofit community.

The Lewith Cottages

The Lewith Trust owns and operates The Lewith Cottages, a five-acre property in Lake Forest Park with six residences that  serve as low-income  and transitional housing. Residents may receive rental and utility assistance as well as small monthly stipends.

The Trust directly provides housing to several low-income seniors while providing the remaining residences to the Sophia Way as housing for members of their transitional housing program.

At this time the Trust is not able to accept applications from individuals seeking housing; individuals in need of housing or housing assistance should reach out to Housing Connector or (for women) the Sophia Way.

Non-Profit Community Support

The Lewith Trust selects partners to build financial and housing security for seniors in King County through targeted resources that will leverage expertise and services delivery for long-term impact in our diverse community.


Our key partners include Seattle Foundation, Byrd Barr Place, and Housing Connectors.


Please note that the Trust does not receive unsolicited grant requests.

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